The Botanical Hand-Lettering Workbook by Bethany Robertson

botanics four

Bethany Robertson is a super cool illustrator from Brooklyn ( yay where I will be moving in a month ) who came out with this awesome workbook which gives you a ton of ideas on botanical hand lettering that is so cool and a bit feminine and just really beautiful. I am so lucky to have obtained a copy of this book.  I read too she likes ice cream… and if you know me you know I am the ice cream cone – ssieur so that makes her even cooler – ice cream lovers unite. Back to the book it really does help you how to create beautiful letters & flowers and more … it makes the most untalented artists learn something fantastic – I am not the best artist but this taught me some really useful tips that can be great when creating cards for family & friends or gift wrapping etc.  I love using craft paper to gift wrap or old newspapers and with these tips you can turn that paper into something really memorable and a keepsake. You can purcahse one here too

Also I saw that she has an awesome instagram:

She did this cool interview with Brooklyn Industries where I found this illustration so cool:

botanics two

A photo from inside the book:botanics one

Who wouldn’t love this – we should all be EPIC ! botanics three

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