I am a huge foodie I love anything new especially when it is healthy for you… I also love STORY – it is what Caravan the store should have been – if I didn’t have a PR company by day and tried to run the store at night I think I could have done a better job but STORY is genius – it has the vibe that I really wanted – there are so many great ideas that come out of this store. It is definitely my favorite store in NYC – I have written about it before because I think it is genius ! There are a lot of designers & products that I personally already love – like FOREO is in the FEEL GOOD store and they were our sponsor last year. We love FOREO.  And I finally got to try MOON JUICE. I have been wanting to try it but I have been lazy to have it shipped so this was perfect. It is y-u-m-m-y… wowzer ! I also wanted to try QUINN popcorn and again was being a bit lazy with ‘poppin it so now I got a bag of it – so excited. And also picked up HELLO’s mint toothpaste.  While inside STORY – I tried CIGNA’s relaxation pod – I hung out at a campfire – It inspired me to want to get a pair of those so good for meditation I would think. I hope to get to visit them again for some of their seminars this coming month. If I had a lot of money I would be spending a lot of it there – so many fun items and again it is INSPIRING which is what I love so much about this store.



I am on a health kick again – trying to really limit the ice cream intake 🙂  I have been eating well, juicing, SOUPING ( drinking soups I make – I love this one I found on well + good a broccoli soup – so good). I am loving CLASS PASS – I joined last year and definitely would go when I could in between all the cycles.  But now I am really going full force.  It is genius and I love it – there are so many classes I get to try and so many wonderful instructors – it is the BEST!  I can honestly say that CLASS PASS is one of my biggest joys in my everyday life well way after Scott & my doggies & my family and my work… but I do love my CLASS PASS.Learn why I am hyping this : so good !!

When I am not able to go to CLASS PASS I work out at home – Thanks Women’s Health – I am loving my IGNITE video with Nikki Metzger – sometimes I can’t get to the gym and I am loving this at – home workout. I think it will help increase muscle and get rid of fat, it gets you sweating, you feel the burn and there is a whole ABS series which everyone loves AB exercises… you need to blast your abs and you use your core for everything so loving that. I like Nikki because she is very careful with explaining the moves plus she motivates you – a lot of at – home videos drive me crazy.  But loving this one ! I highly recommend it plus loving this month’s issue of Women’s Health there are some great tips on eating clean, flat abs and burning fat!


I also just started trying VEGAN SMART which is nice because it is a complete protein blend – all plant based proteins that provide essential amino acids in precise proportions and that is READILY USABLE by the body.  There are 22 vitamins and minerals, fiber, omega blend, prebiotics ( these help stimulate the growth and maintenance of beneficial intestinal flora and digestive enzymes blend. I love it because it is non dairy, gluten free and SOY FREE*** that was my first question is there SOY…. it is a great way to get some protein and lots of other great goodies into your diet…. add it in a smoothie..



Also want to say thank you for FORTIFY YOUR LIFE : by TIERAONA LOW DOG, M.D. it is a perfect guide because I go crazy trying to figure out vitamin intake and what I should be adding to my supplement intake – I know I rely on  supplements – but what should we take ….

In Fortify Your Life, integrative health physician, Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. demystifies key vitamins, minerals, and supplements.  She shows how to design a personalized supplement plan based on genetics, age, gender, and lifestyle and gives simple guidelines on how to read labels and judge brands. She charts common prescription drugs, the depletion they cause, and the supplements that counteract them.

You can buy this here :


I also recently read through The Little Book of Skincare – Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin by Charlotte Cho of Soko Glam.  Charlotte Cho teaches us some fun tips – in a 10 step guide – to show us how we can get radiant amazing skin.  I love the idea of the no makeup makeup look too. I think this book is great to have in your beauty arsenal. You can purchase it here :



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