Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass x HSN



Brandi Nicole ( who took all these amazing photos ) and I were able to get a sneak peek of the HSN  fashion, beauty, and home decor collections inspired by Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass. The Disney sequel to Tim Burton’s 2010 hit film “Alice In Wonderland” will hit theaters May 27, and HSN will herald its arrival from May 23-26 with a collection featuring fashion, home and accessories. Merchandise will go live on HSN.com May 16. We saw incredible pieces from the following designers / collections and more:

Miranda Kerr (home decor)

Patricia Underwood(accessories)

Giuliana Rancic(fashion)

Colleen Atwood(fashion)

Heidi Daus(jewelry)

There was a ton of attention to detail from the fun tea party theme when you walked in to the original coffee art incorporating the characters likeness into coffee portraits.  http://www.baristart.com/  The one and original Michael Breach – I have seen his work a ton but haven’t met him to really chat with him for an extended period so it was so awesome to meet him and chat with him and see his work up close.

The collection was mesmerizing with a pop of color and humor and just really sweet !
The prices are amazing with these very cool Amedeo Rabbit Cameo Rings at $149.95 and then these incredible pieces such as the Heidi Daus Witzend Tea Party Ring at $129.95.

Heidi Daus also created these amazing pins with so much detail from Cuckoo Clock Pin  at $199.95  to the Giraffe Pin one of my favorites at $99.95 and of course there is a Mad Hatter Pin that is a pin with so much much detail.  There are outrageously affordable bags that look like clocks by Danielle Nicole at $48.00 – get rid of that emoji bag and get something more original – it is so whimiscal and special. Then there are Sharif’s pieces – wallets and bags that are so vibrant and like art pieces.

I loved Giuliana’s timeless pieces including an incredible leather jacket at $139.00 that is super hip and well made with a ton of detail. I was in love with a piece from Natori that I need in my life this Natori Twisted Medallion Multi Jacket and pant set – I need this in my life! Our friend Nikki Poulos had these super cool gold chain neck maxi’s that were super modern and screamed comfort – for $69.90. I am a huge fan of Jeffrey Banks and his pajama sets  – I want to wear it on the streets of New York City – so chic – it is too awesome just to go to bed in .. I imagine a set with  cool pair of wedge platforms. Our friend Patricia Underwood had the most adorable mini top hat  and there is also a garden hat that is so pretty. We love our friends at Vince Camuto and they rocked it with a fun fringe heel and my favorite was the Harmonia Bow Sandal. HSN enlisted the help of David’s Cookies and they are the prettiest cookie jars. Miranda Kerr’s tea set and tea caddy and other items are so pretty – the choice of florals are really beautiful. Ok one of my most favorite items was the Republic of Tea Alice Set of 2 that is so cool for $29.95 – those collectors are going to go bonkers for this set – I want it! HSN will also has Alice Tea Sugar Cubes. Now there are pillows that are really adorable from Every Second Counts to Completely Bonkers which is my personal favorite to BELIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE. The way they set up the collection was they mentioned to the designers some of the themes from the movie with Time being one of them where you see is carried so carefully through some of these items and my personal favorite was WITZEND – I joked that would be my new favorite phrase – I am at my WITZEND!

Check out photos and how much attention to detail there was to the fun tea party atmosphere! Thank you so much for this invite and letting me see so many pieces I need to put on my shopping list.





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