I love trying anything that is natural but can help with Stamina and Endurance – so when I heard about Beet Performer – I had to try it – it is Beet Juice with B12. I would compare the taste to a V8 as far as consistency maybe but it is taste obviously like beets. It is best cold and it does give you a lot of great energy.

Independent studies have shown that beet juice increases athletic performance, improves stamina and strength, and also allows the body to recuperate better from physical activity by increasing the amount of oxygen and blood flow to the muscles, heart, and brain*.

Beet juice also lowers blood pressure, purifies the blood, improves cardiovascular health, and reduces inflammation in the body.

Beets are overflowing with natural nitrates that show incredible benefits for athletes. Made from 100% beet juice, Beet Performer fuels the body and works to increase stamina and strength by quickly delivering oxygen to the muscles in a natural way.

I would highly recommend this drink pre – post workout find out more here :

Next up I drink a ton of water throughout the day – it is so important especially when it is hot out but I am swimming in water and tea all day long.

I love protein bars that don’t have a ton of sugar – I love the RX bar made with dates and egg whites it feels like a meal and no added sugar and I love Chia Seeds so I am all about the Healthy Warrior Chia Bar.

wp-image-109206223jpg.jpgSomething I like post work out or in the morning to get a start is yogurt – and really loving the noosa yoghurt with their NEW “sweet heat” flavors- With combinations like Mango Sweet Chili, Raspberry Habanero, Blackberry Serrano, Pineapple Jalapeño (plus Mexican Chocolate and Bhakti Chai flavor) – I am in love with the Bhakti Chai Flavor it is amazing !

Noosa yoghurt is a unique combination of sweet and tart taste plus a thick, velvety texture made with natural whole-milk, fresh fruit purees and a touch of wildflower honey

I was so lucky to be gifted a few of the flavors – so yummy !

wp-image-86676015jpg.jpgI just spoke a little bit about water and tea intake and I was so lucky to meet some of the engineers behind Contigo recently.  I love these water bottles they are genius. I was telling them how I recently took the L train and some silly hipster walked on the train with a green juice in a mason jar – open – an open mason jar standing on a crowded train – how silly ! Everyone needs a Contigo.  First of all how beautiful is this bottle – it is so chic to have at your meeting :



AUTOSPOUT® Ashland Chill Stainless Steel Water Bottle

keeps your liquids cold for 18 hours – it is leak proof and you can use one hand easily to drink from it. It has powered by their Thermalock.  It is leak proof when it is in a closed position.  IT has a handle that can attach to your bag. It has a protective spout that shields dirt and germs.  It is only $19.99 plus it is dishwasher safe for the top rack.

contigo 3

AUTOSEAL® West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Easy-Clean Lid

Next I got a travel mug for my tea – I love my tea pigs tea like crazy so now I can take it on the go – I got the Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Easy Clean Lid.  The Autoseal lid automatically seals between sips to eliminate spills and leaks. It knows when to close: Press to sip, release to seal. The Thermalock keeps beverages hot for up to 5 hours or cold for up to 12 hours, top rack dishwasher safe it is 100% BPA free.

contigo 2

Shake & Go® Fit Mixer Bottle with TasteGuard

Lastly I needed a new mixer bottle – I have one that the once I shut the cover it is so hard to open so I will be at the gym and want to take a sip of my shake and I can’t get the cap open – it is so frustrating then I would have to open the whole lid so now with Contigo my problems are all gone. I got the 28 oz Shake & Go Fit Mixer Bottle. TasteGuard protection resists odors and residual taste which is so important in a shake bottle, it is 100% leak proof, the rounded bottom reduces powder clumps and it makes it easier to clean and of course that genius weighted shaker ball helps mix my protein shaekes, and it is 100% BPA Free. This is genius and is $10.99 – it comes in a cute blue color or black.

Some important facts about hydration :

So where have I been working out … with all these great ideas of things I drink before I work out, and bars I like to have post and the coolest water bottle – where have I been going …

Dune London was so kind and took me to the The Trip, an immersive cycling experience at TMPL Gym – I felt like I was on this amazing trip – it took my mind off my long day – it was like a meditative and fun ride with an amazing instructor. This gym is beautiful and the Dune London team are so nice to have us ! Plus I got to rock my Boy Meets Girl shirt !

THE TRIP: (40 min.) THE TRIP™ is a completely new cycling experience that uses digital projection on cinema size screens to create new worlds. You might climb the side of an impossibly steep glacier, chase futuristic riders, sprint across lava flows or ride through a space age city. THE TRIP creates a visual sense of purpose to your workout. By suspending belief, you stop thinking about the workout and push yourself further.

Expect mushrooms, rabbit holes, cycling like you are a on a mini roller coaster and more

wp-image-1162471592jpg.jpgwp-image-456359339jpg.jpgwp-image-1312576836jpg.jpgNext up I tried Ocean Spray® PACt® cranberry extract water – so tasty and so many electrolytes and yummy nutrition – I have to get this cold put it in my Contigo and bring it with me especially on these hot days… but I was able to check them out while at a Soulcycle class – so much fun … I rocked my tee from Lifetherapy – that has such a great matra – CHOOSE YOUR MOOD – so true – I choose to stay positive


I was recently invite to Barre to Bar Summer Fridays class at W New York – Downtown it is a barre class and after you can go to the bar. It is a class right on an incredible outdoor terrace. The instructor was fab and it was one of the hottest days of the summer so I got a great work out using therabands and sweating and hydrating.

I was so grateful for my Mission headband – Mission’s Enduracool instant cooling technology chills fabric surface temperature by up to 30° to help you control temperature on demand. Quick cooling means you command a competitive edge – and when you control temperature, you unlock performance. I love that Serena Williams is a fan too !

Mission’s Enduracool instant cooling technology chills fabric surface temperature by up to 30° to help you control temperature on demand. Quick cooling means you command a competitive edge – and when you control temperature, you unlock performance.

I love all these Lockdown Cooling Headbands – they are so comfortable plus have these amazing features  – Cooler heads prevail in our cooling lockdown reversible headband. It drops to 30 degrees below average body temperatures when soaked with water, wrung out and snapped.


This info is super important to watch out on those hot summer days

I need to wear loose clothes when I work out as you can see so these headbands are my jam but my husband loves tight fitting shirts that have interesting technology so when I heard about these shirts that do everything from helping with evaporating sweat to having breathability I had to have him try some -they are amazing.

Vaporactive™, powered by 37.5® technology, is infused with naturally derived active particles embedded at the fiber level. These particles use the body’s naturally occurring infrared energy to rapidly attract, capture and evaporate moisture – keeping you cool, dry and comfortable. Evaporates sweat and dries ultra-fast / Superior to wicking / Permanent technology never washes out / Proven to maximize peak performance / Odor resistant /Mesh panels for maximum breathability /UPF 50 protection.

Check more out at






Ok until the next work out or food item or new technology I am loving !

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