wp-image-502330890jpg.jpgwp-image-591237023jpg.jpgI recently had the opportunity to visit one THE TIME NYACK – this property was in NYACK, NY –  It is not far from the city less then a hour and a half away and a very easy drive – the perfect staycation.Scott & I were celebrating our 2 year anniversary so this was the perfect stay over – we first headed to Kingston ( check out my previous blog) to check out Smorgasburg and the Brunette Wine Bar.  Then we drove a little over a hour to the Time Nyack. Also I have fashion week coming up and it will be insanely busy so this was the perfect time to rest and just have a stress free weekend.

So let’s talk chat about THE TIME NYACK :

SPEAKING OF TIME @ 7:45pm we checked in & headed straight to dinner  right inside the hotel. First cousin to the famed Bobby Van’s Steakhouses, BV’s Grill features first-rate steaks and seafood, as well as lighter grill options. It was a very fun atmosphere which I liked because I dislike stuffy restaurants.  I have to say they had a standout music selection. Whoever curated their music is doing an amazing job.wp-image-902046670jpg.jpgwp-image-1810681686jpg.jpgwp-image-1190216465jpg.jpgwp-image-1963775273jpg.jpg

I also loved the bar area there is a lot of amazing lounge seating and their wine selection was a real delight.  They have really fun artwork throughout the restaurant and bar area.

The other fun part is that the restaurant overlooks the pool patio bar area so especially during the summertime we felt like we were on this fun mini vacation somewhere fab.

The Time Nyack is the only upscale, boutique hotel with loft-style accommodations in Rockland County, The Time is a premiere destination for unrivaled, progressive luxury. I love that it is an old warehouse so the rooms are super modern and creative and they have a very sleek look but with an industrial almost ode to the ware house twist. I loved the wallpaper choices throughout the hotel as well.



Loved that my new hat matched the rug and wallpaper.

I didn’t want to get up in the morning I just wanted to lay in the coziest bed with tons of pillows and the most comfortable Frette robe


How cool is this rug by the way  and I think my socks are pretty rad too – they matched the rug ! wp-image-303470740jpg.jpgSPEAKING OF TIME @ 9:08am the next morning  is when we had some yummy breakfast at ART CAFE  –  The town of NYACK is very quaint there is a great main street where there are some amazing cafes and little antique shops. We enjoyed breakfast at the ART CAFE.  They have incredible coffee and tea choices. I had a delicious matcha – the menu is really interesting too it is filled with antiques and feels like you are in someone’s home with little stamps with cute messages throughout the cafe.  Right next door is the most incredible library – it is so charming.  We had to indulge in a GYPSY donut as well – we heard so much about them and they did not disappoint they were amazing. I did my chocolate sprinkle donut taste test and it was awesome.wp-image-1597774852jpg.jpg


We also walked around Piermont Pier which is about a five minute ride from the town of Nyack – it was an incredible little walk and so scenic.


SPEAKING OF TIME @ 11:31am  you could find us enjoying the awesome pool and poolside which is so cool you feel like you are in Miami :wp-image-764469324jpg.jpg


If you want to getaway for a night Nyack is a great place to visit or if you are visiting New York and want to stay in a place that still has a metropolitan cool vibe but want to go hiking and antiquing and be a bit mellow – this is the perfect place to stay.

Check out this library I mentioned:


& the donuts from GYPSY DONUTS:


We did not take the dogs but this is a pet friendly property that has the sweetest pet gear little teepees for the dogs.  I really wanted to bring the dogs just for that reason – next time !




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