This blog post is long overdue about my friend Samuelle Greene’s paper caves. The exhibition is in Honesdale, PA and is truly incredible.  You can see more on this interview and also in this video about the creation of the PAPER CAVES.  It is a meditative place. It is incredible how much detail went into this project.  I would urge all to visit. Honesdale is a great town about 2.5 hours from NYC and about 20 minutes from a town I really enjoyed visiting called NEWBURGH – more on that soon.  It is a great night trip – check out hours and more about the exhibition here :

Tour the ‘Paper Caves’ in Honesdale


The exhibition is housed in about a 2,500 square foot space filled with rolled pages.

Samuelle thought of everything including a really cool soundtrack that plays in the background. It evokes all your senses. Samuelle has done so many amazing projects for Caravan through the years and she just amazes me each time.

Here are some of my photos that don’t do this incredible space justice – go and visit it this weekend – they are open on Saturdays.

paper caves 20paper caves 19paper caves 18paper caves 16paper caves 15paper caves 14paper caves 13paper caves 12paper caves 10paper caves 8paper caves 7paper caves 6paper caves 5paper caves 4paper caves 2

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