Smart experiential marketing that is cost efficient and about the product not the flash

I get invited to a lot of amazing events and I am honored to be a guest of an event. I have a blog and love learning about new products and I am definitely someone that tells others about cool new products and a constant consumer of new ideas.

There are some events that I attend that I look around and as an event planner try to guess – HOW MUCH DID THIS EVENT COST ? $10,000/ $20,000/  $50,000 / $100,000 / $250,000 / $500,000 — sometimes maybe even more. I have been there I have planned fashion shows for 2,000 guests with rock shows & all the bells & whistles so I get it.

I am all for throwing a sensational party or a crazy experiential stunt but I would check off product education and showcase first – if you are not doing that in the beginning then I don’t think you are showcasing your products to their full potential.  Make sure to have a place and a way to really educate your consumers, your creatives, your influencers about the products without the noise. Once you do that then throw the party.

Back to some of the smaller but still expensive events I attend, I have wonderful meals, get to meet incredible chefs, see beautiful flower walls, moss walls, neons, listen to cool djs but I am at a beauty event and I really can’t try the product. I might open the bottle and smell it. I might apply the lipgloss to my arm and say wow what a nice color or I might rub the moisturizer onto my hands and say wow that feels great. I might ask what the ingredients are and learn a bit about the product but I really don’t get to experience the product. Beyond not experiencing the product there is so much noise.  The product is actually on display in not the best lit area so I decide when I post photos I am going to post photos of the neon maybe or most likely the menu but the photo of products did not come out that great. Oh I forgot to mention there are tarot card and tea readers all there too so of course I am going to post a photo of the tarot card reading etc.
But what about the product ?  Did I like the product ?  Did I get to speak to a brand educator about the product ? Do I know how to use that knew lash product  ? Am I getting a very heavy gift bag now to take home all the way to Brooklyn ?  Am I going to keep all the products ?  Are their products in the gift bag that might not even make sense for me – most likely !

As brands look at experiential it would be great to check off the most important steps.

Did I make an effort to have the guest try the product ?

Did I get feedback about what they actually thought of the product after use ?

Did I rest on the laurels of the actual product and not all the flash from djs to neon signs?

After the event when I looked back on the hashtag for the event was it about the product or was it about the event ?  How many times did the product get included in social media posts ?

Did I get time to chat with each guest and figure out new ways of working with them in creative ways to build future content ? Did I get to hear about their projects or was it so loud at the event that I got to chat with them for 2 minutes?

The true idea of experiential marketing is the human connection. I think that human connection should be longer then 2 minutes especially when you paid a lot of money to meet and greet with the guests.

That is where Caravan Stylist Studio hopes to be on brand’s list as one of the first “experiences” they create especially within beauty but within other areas too.  We have over 400 creatives visit us a year and our goal is for them to have a fun experience and to truly educate them about products.  We are an actual  studio that is around more then just two hours the average time of an event that costs a ton of money – we are around all year round – Monday – Friday for guests to visit to try products, ask questions and have an enjoyable experience at their convenient time. We have a pretty gallery wall where we are typically telling the story of a female artist or two and hope that guests will look at their websites and instagrams and maybe become fans –  but we believe that is still an authentic community share experience not a lot of flash our goal is service driven and it surrounds education of the product. We have a full time educator that not only takes you through the product collection and curates the items that are right for you but actually does blowouts, makeup applications, nails so you can see the product in use. The space is about the product not about anything else – we rely on the products to tell the story. A one on one experience,  gives the opportunity to learn more about the guests so maybe our brands will want to work more with particular guests – maybe they are looking for artists and they can work with a guest doing a cool project, or they are looking to build an advisory board of bloggers and we can give some ideas of guests that visited the studio, or maybe they want to just have guests have a truly bare bones rely on the product experience.

For a very efficient fee  compared to what all these fancy parties / events / conferences that are costing brands they could have their own mini salon equipped with someone that can educate guests about products, try the products on that work for them, have them leave with a curated group of products and hopefully have a fun authentic experience.

We have been lucky to work with awesome brands through the years but are still looking for partners throughout the year and would love to be more on the radar.

At Caravan Stylist Studio we are unique we are offering an experience for guests and we are also really engaged in supporting and engaging with the awesome creatives that visit the studio.

We are looking to grow even more and develop a content studio where we can work with camera, tech, coffee, tea, snack brands and more so we can supply a space for creatives to work and play & build content.  Brands that are looking to authentically be part of a community to check in with us. I would think as our world changes we would want to focus a bit more on community then just tons of flash – flower walls, neon signs, and elements that don’t really get guests trying the product.

Get guests to engage with your product in an efficient way – write to us to learn more.

Be part of a community. Have your product really be seen.  Be authentic.

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