So we are battling this right now with my dad so when I received Sylvie’s book I had a million questions – here are some answers but you need to get the book ….


1. What is the state right now we are in on the war on cancer?
According to a report by the American Cancer Society, the number of cancer cases around the world is expected to double by 2030. This statistic sounds frightening; however, I feel that we are meeting a turning point, and to some extent, yes, we are winning the war on cancer, but it is not the doing of pharmaceutical companies; rather it has to do with people understanding that we are living in an extensively polluted planet and starting to take action about it. They are eager to educate themselves to make better, healthier choices with their food and learn about their health options. I do believe that integrative medicine may allow us to win the war on cancer if done intelligently, by seeking natural compounds that are effective and non-toxic.

2. What about rare cancers – are those as treatable for instance (my dad has a blood cancer – we thought it was in remission and it came back in the muscles of his legs)?
The cornerstone of my father’s research, Dr. Mirko Beljanski, is that most cancers result mainly from a progressive and cumulative destabilization of the DNA, rather than a mutation. Unregulated strand separation, and the ensuing replication and gene expression due to newly exposed initiation sites, account for the characteristic properties of the cancer cell. It is not because some cancers are rare that their genesis is different. To a certain extent, this slow process gives us opportunities to prevent what is happening, and to fight it. While carcinogens increase unwinding and duplication in cancer DNA, Dr. Beljanski looked for natural molecules that would do the opposite—partially close the DNA strands and slow down cancer DNA synthesis. He was able to select two natural extracts able to do just that. It turns out that the activity of these extracts is selective to cancer DNA, to cancer cells, and to the tumors in organisms with cancer. And because they work at the level of the DNA, they are not gender or organ specific. My father’s latest paper confirmed the activity of the Pao pereira extract on sixteen different kind of cancer cell lines. Since Mirko Beljanski’s passing, The Beljanski Foundation has been able to establish several partnerships with a number of prestigious American institutions interested to work on the topic. That resulted in several publications confirming the activity of both the Pao pereira extract and the Rauwolfia vomitoria extract on prostate, ovarian and pancreatic cancers, confirming the wide range of application of this approach.

3. What can readers of the blog do to fight against cancers? What do you do to prep your body – foods you can eat, exercise, mental health etc.?
If I ever received a cancer diagnosis, the first thing I would do is to follow Dr. Marcowith’s protocols for my kind of cancer (published at the end of the book Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards A Natural Cure). Knowing that I am supported at the cellular level, I would take the time to consider all possible treatment options with my healthcare professional. I would also start a detox program encompassing an analysis of my diet and the pollutants that may be found in my home including not only the water I am drinking, but also the water I am using to bathe.

Lifestyle changes must be considered seriously. Diet, detox, natural supplementation… Everybody is unique, and we need to consider bio-individuality. But for all, it is important to avoid processed food, red meat, alcohol, tobacco and food rich in iron. Some blood tests can show the vitamin/mineral deficiency of an individual which can be easily corrected with good supplementation. Hormone evaluation and heavy metal levels should also be considered and corrected.

Finally, I would consider seeing both a health coach and a psychotherapist. A holistic health coach would help me see the “big picture” and address every unbalanced area in my life one step at a time, while a psychotherapist would assess my relationships and make sure that there are not any lingering, unresolved conflicts that “make me sick to my stomach” and induce stress. It is important when having a cancer diagnosis to address and reduce stress as much as possible.

4. How we can we harness the power of nature to fight disease?
To me the main issue is not so much whether the treatment is natural or synthetic, expensive or affordable, but rather whether it is effective and has little or no side effects. Even an inexpensive treatment, if ineffective, still costs too much. I believe that in the long run the smartest approach would be prevention, which by itself means education.

My father had the idea that if nature came up with carcinogens, nature had also come up with natural anti-carcinogens. He discovered two of them, one coming from the bark of a tree from the Amazon rainforest, and the other one from a bush in West Africa. Research, entailing programs on prostate cancer at Columbia University, as well as ovarian and pancreatic cancer at Kansas University Medical Center has confirmed that those extracts were not toxic, effective on a large array of cancers, and able to work in synergy with chemotherapy. This could be a powerful new avenue for the future of cancer research.

Unfortunately, many scientists tend to dismiss natural solutions because they cannot be patented, so when a new, natural and non-toxic way to address cancer is being discovered, instead of being hailed and embraced, it is often fiercely opposed by prominent scientists with strong ties to the pharmaceutical industry and the might of the government is called upon to perpetuate a failing model that contributes to losing the war on cancer.

5. What is the link between “toxic body, toxic mind” including environmental toxins, heavy metals, stress, toxic people and their link to cancer?
With cancer resulting from a progressive and cumulative destabilization of the DNA by environmental toxins, it is most important to reduce our exposure to the maximum extent. This is a very difficult task because the exposure starts even before we are born. In a study spearheaded by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), researchers at two major laboratories found an average of 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants in umbilical cord blood from babies. Tests revealed a total of 287 chemicals in the group. The umbilical cord blood of these 10 children, collected by Red Cross after the cord was cut, harbored pesticides, consumer product ingredients, and wastes from burning coal, gasoline, and garbage. Of the 287 chemicals detected in umbilical cord blood, 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, and 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system.

And that is just the start: as soon as we begin eating and drinking, additional sources of pollution find their ways to our bodies. Many consumer products – such as food storage containers, plastic tableware, and food packaging – are still manufactured with BPA (a chemical used for decades in polycarbonate plastic products and epoxy resin-based food can liners. In laboratory rats, exposure to BPA has been linked to the disruption of the natural balance of your endocrine system and to increased risk of some cancers). Add the daily exposure to pesticides, heavy metals, and the use of dyes and fragrances contained in our luxury hygiene and beauty products and we are constantly surrounding our bodies with chemicals.

Finally, our emotions and our stress may induce a cascade of disruptive hormones, that will send cellular signals that will create havoc to our body, leading to the destabilization of the DNA. That’s why addressing stress and what is at the cause of the stress itself (including toxic relationships) is crucial to your health and well-being.

6. So I hear a lot about heavy metals but then you drive yourself crazy because all your canned foods are in metals and you are drinking out of plastics – can you give my readers 10 easy steps that aren’t so broad to be able to start helping themselves in this area?

There is no need to drive ourselves crazy to avoid heavy metals. However, if you have symptoms including nausea, vomiting, headache, extreme fatigue and unexplained muscle or joint pains, it is important to be tested, and in case you are seriously poisoned, you may need IV chelation.


Otherwise, we need to make the best choices whenever possible and from time to time a heavy metal detox (see our product Signature chelate). This natural extract has binding agents to pull out heavy metals from the body.


Here are some tips for reducing your exposure to heavy metals:

– Filter our water instead buying plastic bottles- and drink a lot of water

– Buy fresh food instead of canned food, like fresh fish (for example wild caught salmon)

– Buy organic as much as possible (see chart of dirty dozen)

– Use natural skin care and make up, for example French Secret®

– Sweat more with exercise

– Lymphatic draining, sauna, infrared sauna

– Juicing or Recipe for Health

– Cook more with garlic, onions and other sulfur-rich foods

****Include more high-quality Omega 3 fats (Ω Omega Perfect) to boost the liver’s detoxification capacity

Also speaking of foods and eating — something I had my dad recently try since the chemo is targeting a blood cancer that is in his muscles so I thought this is obviously NOT A CURE but something that could help is anything that helps with your muscles + protein – he needs to stay healthy and not lose weight…..

Learn more about CBD here :

When WillPower reached out to tell me about their products I immediately asked for some for my dad who is going through chemo – not sure if it will help but figured it was worth a try — it will definitely help i think with his muscles and just feeling good and the best part there is protein in this !! 20 grams of whey !

WillPower Products just announced their hemp-based protein powder, ReGenPCR,  It’s the first CBD protein powder dietary supplement delivering the most advanced, highest quality industrial hemp oil containing the full entourage of naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, including cannabidiol, sourced domestically in Colorado. A complete grass fed whey protein blend, ReGenPCR provides 20g grass fed whey, 20mg cannabinoids, and 6g BCAA’s in each serving (15 total) and is available in cinnamon cocoa or vanilla flavors ideal for keeping an active, fitness-focused lifestyle. You can buy the product anywhere in the world as it’s extracted from hemp and doesn’t have any psychoactive ingredients as it’s sourced from hemp domestically in Colorado. 

You can see what the WillPower brand is all about in their launch video here, or on their website

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