A Road Trip For Brand Showcases And Experiences!!

The Caravan Studio started in 2005 as an opportunity to meet people while on the road and to share awesome brand experiences with them. Our company is all about different communities coming together and telling stories. Over the years, we have gained a love for finding new creatives that are just starting to create buzz, and mixing the talent with those on top tv shows, in films, and musicians.

Last year during the uncertain times of the COVID-19 Pandemic, our Caravan road trip went virtual, and we got to visit all 50 states and photograph over 60 creatives in just 2 days. However, when acting as a physical content studio, Caravan had over 300+ influencers and talent visit our doors. Since the start in 05, we have opened a physical hub out of several hotels. 

From branded launch events, photoshoots, influencer, and talent placement, to producing a nouveau form of shareable media on Zoom, we have done it all- even an IGTV series! Next up is our 2021 Road Trip, starting in August! We will be visiting:

New York City 
New Jersey 
& Many More  

During this year’s road trip tour, you can expect a range of authentic and exciting guests, from musicians, actors, content creators, surfers, dancers, authors and more. 

This year’s Caravan tour program will be able to host over 60 content creators, focused in NY & Los Angeles and some other key cities along the way, including Minnesota.

This is an opportunity to be part of a journey and others can follow along with our video tour along the way!

Have a brand that you want to showcase to creatives in a fun way? Lets chat! Email us at: claudine@caravanstyliststudio.com

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