Interviewing SNL Star Robert Bannon on his Debut Album

Caravan Social Club recently had the honor of interviewing Robert Bannon on @CaravanNYC IGTV. Bannon is a “Saturday Night Live” actor that has recently released his debut album, “Unfinished Business” on July 2, 2021.  

While “Unfinished Business” was created during the COVID- 19 pandemic, it did not stop Bannon and his featuring artists from working on this album. The album was made virtually, with all musicians recording their music live from home, and then pieced together to create the masterpieces they are. Bannon also explained the personal and sentimental touches that he added to his album, which make the songs all more special. 

Check out the album and download it from our Amazon Marketplace here:  , also available on Spotify & Apple Music!

Watch the full IGTV interview with Robert Bannon for more information on Bannon’s goals and inspirations for the album! 

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