Going From Hell to Challah with Shari Wallack!

Caravan NYC recently had the opportunity to interview Shari Wallack, an “accidental entrepreneur” and founder of Buy The Sea. When her business came to a halt on March 13, 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Wallack struggled to keep hope, which inspired her to travel as a way to getaway. Her entire journey is written in her memoir, “From Hell to Challah.”

In this memoir, Wallack shares details of her hopes and fears during the pandemic, while also showing how she went from depression to happiness during her travel. As she found joy in spending time with herself, she also found joy in baking and mastering her own challah bread recipe. “From Hell to Challah” proves that we can all find our own pick-me-ups through human connections, finding hobbies, and loving ourselves.

You can purchase “From Hell to Challah” in our Amazon Marketplace.

Watch the full, heartwarming and inspiring IGTV with Shari Wallack on @CaravanNYC:

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