Spilling the Tea with Kristin Gambaccini

Caravan Social Club began Wednesday’s Spill the Tea event with Kristin Gambaccini, TV host, blogger, and author of “Crafty Family Ideas.”

Being a mom of 8 can be difficult to balance, but Gambaccini navigates it perfectly, all while still working on her own passions. She says, “I work when it works for my family.”

Her book, “Crafty Family Ideas,” includes different crafts and other activities that families can do together, for all of the four seasons. Gambaccini personalizes each activity with her own stories, photos, and inspiration behind the projects. She tells us her favorite craft in the book, which is the gum-ball machine, as well as her favorite recipe, the apple pie with homemade crust.

This book is great for any parent that wants to make family time productive, easy, and fun for everyone!

Purchase “Crafty Family Ideas” in our Amazon Marketplace.

Watch the full IGTV with Kristin Gambaccini on @CaravanNYC!

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