Fini is not only one  of the coolest looking pair of shoes that I was recently introduced to during fashion week but they also have an awesome leader/ entrepreneur story and combat Bullying with their WE ARE EAQUAL #finibullying campaign !

What is the inspiration behind the collection?

I was inspired by creating a product that is flexible, versatile and brings fresh creativity to footwear.


Who is the designer / background?

Fini Shoes is the creative design of Dami Adepoju, a Nigerian born American designer who is setting out to change the industry landscape with unprecedented customization that allows the wearer to completely change the look of the shoe though a seamless and minimal zipper system. After graduating college with a Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering degree, he is now getting his masters in Sustainable Fashion at GCU. The shoe’s key differentiator – that transforms it into six completely different looks – stems from his passion for sustainable design, allowing one shoe to adapt to many needs and looks.


What styles are offered now?

The four flagship styles are Panda, Panther, Bread, and Snow.


How often are new releases?

We just launched our flagship product, and we are focused on making our current release a success before debuting our next idea to market.


Price points / avail?

Ships immediately worldwide. $129.


What is the designer’s favorite shoe?

My favorite shoe is the Panther. I love the sleek look of the all black, and I’ve been really into the lace up top with weather cooling down and transitioning into fall.

Where is shoe culture going?

Shoe culture is always changing but it often reflects new variations of past styles/trends. For example, the dad shoe trend was huge decades ago and it now back in style. Fini is trying to introduce something entirely new to the market.


What is the future of the brand?

The future of the brand is to release new products; new shoe designs, bags and jackets that fall within the core mission of the company which is to introduce versatility into footwear and accessories.


Where does the name come from?

Fini is a modification of Dami’s grandmother’s nickname.


What was the goal and vibe of event during NYFW?

The main goal of the NYFW event was to allow consumers, media and tastemakers the ability to engage with the product firsthand. Once you see the zipper system and quality of the product, it all makes sense. We wanted to create a fun and experiential vibe with a DJ, Bacana Sangria’s debut to market, and of course, the shoes.





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