Yoga with NikkiFitness!

Claudine DeSola from Caravan Social Club recently interviewed author Nicole Glor on he book, “Squirrel Yoga for Sunshine,” for the @CaravanNYC IGTV. 

Nicole Glor is the creator of NikkiFitness exercise videos on the NikkiFitness App and Amazon, a health coach, celebrity trainer, group fitness instructor and a freelance fitness writer.

This book is a great way to entertain and get children interested in yoga and fitness. Children have the opportunity to learn yoga exercises while staying engaged with the story of a squirrel doing yoga on a rainy day. Through breathing, meditation and yoga, the squirrel “visits” her animal friends during the rain. They will count as each deep yoga breath pushes away the 10 clouds, one at a time. 

Check out the IGTV Interview on Instagram @CaravanNYC, and shop Glor’s book featured on our Amazon Marketplace!

@CaravanNYC IGTV with Nicole Glor.

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