Learn Your Body with Lacey Dunn’s Guide to Hormonal Harmony!

Caravan Social Club recently spoke with Lacey Dunn, MS,RD, LD, CPT, and author of “The Women’s Guide to Hormonal Harmony,” or what she refers to as the “bible for women.”

Lacey Dunn is a medical dietitian whose goal is to help women with their health and become the boss of their own bodies! Dunn created this book as a way to help all women, from teenagers to adulthood. She starts with the basics of hormones, and then dives into thyroids, metabolism, fitness goals, and daily health. Dunn stresses how important it is for women to be educated about their body. Her main goal with this book is to make sure that all women are comfortable with themselves and know their bodies.

Purchase “The Women’s Guide to Hormonal Harmony” on our Amazon Marketplace!

You can check out the full IGTV Interview with Lacey Dunn on @CaravanNYC.

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